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Luxury Hotels in Lima – Peru

Lima is becoming a city in Latin America that is gaining popularity, so many tourists come to spend their vacations or business trips to the capital of Peru. Following this trend there are hotels in Lima that have improved their structure; or chains of hotels that have appeared to give a 5 stars hotel service in the city.

Small Luxury Hotel in Perú

The Royal Park  Small Luxury Hotel in Perú. The Royal Park Hotel in Peru is the only hotel that belongs to the exclusive group of Small Luxury Hotel, club that brings the best “small” luxurious hotels in the world. Join us to discover all the details a Small Luxury Hotel has and why Royal Park Hotel is one of them.

The best luxury business hotel in Lima

Royal Park Hotel, the best business hotel in Lima Lima has become one of the most important cities for doing business in Latin America, this year will host the international forum APEC also stands out as having the most important economic growth in the region in the last years. What has made the city of Lima to be a meeting point for international business.

Peru, the country of Pisco

Pisco is a spiritual drink originary from Peru, today is considered the country’s national drink of the Incas and has a long history and tradition. Join us to learn more about Peru, the country of pisco.

5 Stars Hotel in Peru

Peru has become one of the best touristic destinations in the world, and that is why it is important to choose the best 5 star hotels in Peru. Here are some tips for choosing a hotel in Peru.

Travel to Lima

A trip to Lima brings a universe of unforgettable experiences. Lima has many charms the traveler has to discover. Meet some recommendations that will make your trip to Lima even more enjoyable.

The Best Business Hotel in Lima

A business hotel is characterized by a modern infrastructure, and for offering services that meet the needs of the type of traveler who frequents. Discover the Royal Park considered the best business hotel in Lima. Choose this 5-star hotel on your next visit to the capital.

Spice up Your Summer With Chilcanos

When you think of Peruvian drinks, the first thing that comes to your mind is the frothy Pisco Sour. Believe it or not, that’s not the only great cocktail on offer. While Pisco Sour is greatly celebrated by Peruvians and tourists, there are other hidden gems that you can savor in the luxury hotel in Lima, Peru. One of these hidden gems is the Chilcano de Pisco. This chilled, easy to make, and wonderfully tasty drink is something to enjoy during warm summers. Royal Park Hotel, like many other luxury hotels, offers the best Chilcano to its guests.

Royal Park Hotel – The Finest Luxury Hotel in Lima

Travelling is one of the greatest pleasures in life. It can be refreshing, intriguing, and fun. But that depends on how well you plan it. That’s especially true when you’re traveling to Lima in Peru. There’s a lot to enjoy here. There are many sites to see, areas to explore, dishes to eat, etc. You’ll only enjoy this to the fullest if you have a nice place to relax in at the end of the day. For that, you need to book a room in finest hotel in Lima, Peru. You don’t need to look any further than Royal Park Hotel to get the best experience. With us, you get:

Tips to Enjoy a 5 Star Hotel in Lima

Nothing quite compares to the sheer luxury and comfort of staying in 5 star hotels in Lima, Peru. When you spend the entire day roaming about, exploring new areas and culture, you want to return to a place that would help you relax. Unlike normal hotels that are usually packed with compromises and problems, luxury hotels offer an outstanding package. You have a great staff, a concierge, beautifully decorated rooms, and fine food.

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